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A user receives the following message when accepting their email invite: " is already taken"

Emails can only be registered once. If a registered user's profile was deleted, a new profile with the same email will not be able to be used. The original user profile needs to be restored. See this article for additional details: User Management - Add, Delete and Restore

Restore a deleted user: 

If you already have registered an email on Bloom Growth, and you are sent an invite to another account, after clicking the registration link in the email invite, just enter your email address and the current password and click the "Link Accounts" option.

A user has not received an email invite

Users have to be sent invites in order to register their email and password for their user profile:

  1. Click the drop-down menu at the top right of the workspace by your name/icon (account admin only).
  2. Click Manage Organization.
  • If a user has a checkmark next to their name, they are fully registered and will count towards the invoice.
  • Users with an envelope next to their name will not count towards the invoice. There are 4 envelope statuses:
    • Blue envelope - User has been sent an invite but has not accepted.
    • Gold envelope - User has not been sent an invite.
    • White envelope - User is currently a placeholder and has not been sent an invite.
    • Red envelope - Invalid email address.
      • Click the envelope to populate a box where an email address can be entered and invites can be sent or resent or use the Send Invites button at the top right of the user list to send mass invites.

For additional information on user management, please see here: User Management - Add, Delete and Restore.

User profile pictures are not populating

Only the photos of registered users (checkmark next to their name in the user list) will populate. Photos can be uploaded for all users, but until a user accepts their invite, the photo will not populate. If a user has any color envelope next to their name, they are not fully registered. For additional information on user/envelope status, please click here.

Important Photo Information

If your photo does not upload as expected, please try the following:

* Use a Chrome browser. 
* Re-size the image to make it smaller and more square in shape. 
* Email us at with your picture and we'll upload it!

Can To-Dos Be Deleted?

To-dos cannot be deleted, but they can be archived. There are 2 options when it comes to archiving a To-do: 

A To-do can be archived by running a live Weekly Meeting:

  1. Click Meetings in the top menu bar.
  2. Click Go to Meeting and run the meeting as you would normally.
  3. Click the To-do List agenda item on the left.
  4. If the To-do is not marked as done, click the checkbox, thus marking it complete. Otherwise, To-dos can be marked done from the workspace To-do tile.
  5. Click Conclude.
  6. Be sure the Archive Completed To-Dos: checkbox is checked which will archive all completed or check-marked To-dos.
  7. Click the Wrap-up option to conclude the Meeting. 

A To-do can also be archived from outside of a meeting by switching it from a team or meeting To-do, to a personal To-do:

  1. Click the title of a To-do while hovering over a To-do tile.
  2. In the To-do popup window, check the From: dropdown box at the bottom left. If it lists a meeting name, click the dropdown and choose Personal To-do list.
  3. Click Save. The To-do title will now be in blue font in the workspace tile.
  4. Mark the To-do as Complete and it will drop off the list after 24 hours.

Please see Closing / Archiving / Deleting a To-Do

Can I have more than one Business Plan in my Organization? 

You can have a second Business Plan, but it requires creating an additional Leadership Team Meeting. 
You need to ensure that the Business Plan is not shared among the other meetings because this will override the second one that you are looking to create. 
This can be changed in the Advanced tab under the Manage organization option. Please see the steps below: 
  1. Click your name at the top right-hand corner of your workspace.
  2. Click Manage organization
  3. Click Advanced
  4. In the "Share a Leadership Team Business Plan with all other departments" section ensure that the leadership team Business Plan is set to no meetings.
  5. Hit Save

Once is saved it, you can create another Weekly Meeting and start populating their data as normal. 

To access individual Business Plans please follow the steps below: 

  1. Click Meetings in the top menu bar.
  2. Click Edit Meeting on the gear icon button to the right of your meeting.
  3. Click View Business Plan on the left.


There is only one set of core values per organization. Having different core values will require creating a different account.

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