Workspace - Adding and Removing Tiles

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Important Workspace Information

  • All the Custom Workspaces are preloaded with a Side Navigation Bar that can be customized under the Edit Profile section. You can use the dark or light mode. 
  • Tiles can only be added/removed/edited on the Custom Workspaces.
  • The Meeting Workspaces are auto-generated and the layout cannot be edited, but meeting items such as goals and measurables can be edited here using the tiles provided.
  • Some browser blockers (uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger, etc) can prevent the Bloom Growth side menu options from displaying properly. 
  • For additional workspace details, click here.

Adding Tiles

  1. Tiles can be added to custom workspaces only. To access a custom workspace, click workspaces at the top left and hit primary workspace or custom workspace.
  2. Hover your mouse over Personal to add personal Tiles such as personal Goals, To-dos, metrics, or personal notes to your workspace. 
  3. Hover your mouse over Meetings if you want to add tiles from specific meetings. This section will only display the meetings you are part of. 

There are two categories of tiles:

  • The Personal tiles include only items you own such as goals, to-dos, personal goals, milestones, core values, personal notes, and profile pictures.
  • Meeting tiles from the meetings you are an attendee of. These tiles will include the items from all attendees of the meeting.


Each time you add a tile it will populate on the bottom left of your workspace. Scroll down if you are not seeing your newly added tile.

Tiles can be moved by clicking and holding the top portion of the tile (the mouse icon will change to a hand), then moving to a different location on the workspace. Release the mouse button when done moving the tile. Use the mouse scroll wheel to assist when moving tiles to the top or bottom of the workspace.

Resize the tiles by clicking, dragging, and releasing the sides of the tile.

Deleting Tiles

  1. Navigate to a custom workspace by clicking the Workspaces button at the top left of the workspace and clicking on a custom workspace.
  2. Click the tile you want to delete and click the 3 dots at the top of the tile.
  3. Click the "Delete Tile" option. 
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