What Is Bloom Growth™?

Bloom Growth™ is an ecosystem for growth with tools designed to empower business leaders and their teams to create new possibilities for their businesses and lives while nurturing organizational and team health. 

Our app is fully customizable for every type of organization—including, but not limited to, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and franchisors. Plus, it’s suitable for every level of employee within your organization, from corporate-level executives to entry-level workers. Bloom Growth also has a Zapier integration so that you can seamlessly automate your most time-consuming, repetitive tasks. 
The Bloom Growth app keeps your most important things in one easy-to-access place:
  • Weekly meetings
  • Digital workspace
  • 1:1 meetings
  • Weekly to-dos
  • Quarterly goals
  • Issues
  • Org Chart
  • Business plan
  • Important documents
With unlimited training to get everyone on the same boat and software to get them rowing in the same direction, your organization—but especially your team—will thrive. 
With Bloom, you can run better meetings, measure success, optimize workflows, and promote transparency—all from the convenience of our app, which is accessible anywhere, anytime, to anyone who is part of your organization. 

For more details please visit bloomgrowth.com

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