Docs is a Bloom Growth document repository that allows you to easily save, share and send files to your team right from Bloom Growth.

The Docs feature is located at the top navigation bar in Bloom Growth. By clicking Docs, you will find a menu on the left-hand side of the screen and it’ll bring you to the Docs screen, where you can start building out your documentation. 

Docs allow you to: 
  • Create folders and subfolders to suit your needs. 
  • Edit access permissions to ensure your team has everything they need. 
  • Drag and drop documents for easy uploads.

Bloom Growth Documents (folder)


  • Organization's Meetings. 
  • Archived Business Plans, Quarterly Print Outs, and Meeting summaries previously generated
  • Notes generated during the Weekly Meeting or created from the archive section of the meeting
  • Link including the Meeting's names that take you to the start of the Weekly Meeting
  • Link to view the current Business Plan

People Tools

  • Previously generated Quarterly 1:1.
  • Link to go to the RPRS (Right Person/ Right Seat)


  • Link to the current company Business Plan.
  • Link to the current Org Chart. 

Individual (Folders)

  • Personal documents folder(s)


The "Individual" folder is private, the users can create new folders, upload files, and edit permissions.

Bloom Growth (Folder)

Bloom Growth-related PDF documents

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