Edit Terms

Editing terminology within Bloom Growth is simple.

  1. Log in as an admin.
  2. Go to the Manage Organization Page.
  3. Click on the Advanced tab, and there you will notice the new "Edit Terms" sub-section.

Clicking the  "Export Terms" button generates a JSON file and serves as a backup of all your existing terms in the account. This can allow you to save different sets of terms if you need them.

Clicking on the  "Import Terms" button will prompt a window that searches for a JSON file to upload. This will automatically change all terms if it follows the format of the imported JSON file once the user grants the confirmation.

Clicking on the  "Edit Terms" button will take you to the "Terms" page.

  1. The fields for Check-In, Metrics, Goals, Headlines, To-dos, Issues, and Wrap-up will allow changing these terms in one or two ways: If you want to apply a new term to a single meeting, this will only change the name of the agenda page. If you apply the change "across the website", then the term will be applied across the site in most headers, tooltips, modals and buttons.
  2. The fields Weekly Meeting and 1:1 Meeting changes the terminology in the dropdown of the "Create new meeting" button of the Meetings page (https://app.bloomgrowth.com/L10). This does not change the terms in the "Type of Team" dropdown of the Basic section in Edit Meeting.
  3. The fields for Business Plan, Department Plan, Future Focus, Short-Term Focus, Long-Term Focus, Core Values, Focus, BHAG, Marketing Strategy, Differentiators, Proven Process, Guarantee, Target Market, 3-Year Vision, 1-Year Goals, Quarterly Goals, and Purpose/Cause/Passion all modify the headers in the Business Plan page and its printout.
  4. The fields for Organizational Chart and Org Chart modify the naming of these elements whenever called in buttons, tooltips, etc.
  5. The fields for Lead and manage, Empower through Choice, Understand, Embrace, Capacity, Think on the Business, Quarterly 1:1 and Right Person Right Seat modify these terms in the Quarterly 1:1 and Right Person/Right Seat pages and printouts.
  6. The fields for Quarterly Planning, Annual Planning, Quarters, Launch Day, Future Focus Day, and Short-Term Focus day modify these terms in the "Run Special Sessions" dropdown menu in Run Meetings (before starting a meeting). IMPORTANT: As of now, these fields DO NOT modify pages or buttons in the agenda of Special Sessions.
  7. The Measurables and Milestones fields modify these terms in elements from Run Meetings, Workspace tiles, etc.
  8. IMPORTANT: The user needs to click the "SAVE" button in order to apply changes to the terms.
  9. The "Reset All Terms" button will set all terms to their default values.
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