Our Glossary of Terms

Here’s our updated glossary of terms for our platform!

Every client we work with is unique. Unique visions, goals, people, and products. We’re here to guide you through how our evolution will transform your team and help you meet your unique goals. Our ecosystem for growth will ensure wellness and health throughout your org and get every person functioning like a leader.

Old Terms New Terms
Level 10 Meeting™ Weekly Meeting
Segue Check-in
Scorecard Metrics
Rocks Goals
People Headlines Headlines
To-dos To-do
Conclude Wrap-up
V/TO™ Business Plan / Department Plan
Vision (page) Future Focus
Traction® (page) Short-Term Focus
Long Term Issues List Long-Term Issues
Accountability Chart Org Chart
Core Values Core Values
Core Focus Focus
10-Year Target BHAG - Big Hairy Audacious Goal
Marketing Strategy Marketing Strategy
3 Uniques Differentiators
Proven Process Proven Process
Guarantee Guarantee
Target Market Target Market
EOS Implementer® / EOSI Growth Coach
3-Year Picture 3-Year Vision
One Year Plan 1-Year Goals
Quarterly Planning Sessions Quarterly Planning
Quarters Quarters
GWC™ Understand, Embrace and Capacity (UEC)
Clarity Breaks Think "On the Business" (TOB)
Meeting Pulse Weekly Meeting
Quarterly Conversations Quarterly 1:1
People Analyzer Right Person / Right Seat (RPRS)
Quarterly Rocks Quarterly Goals
Same Page Meeting 1:1 Meeting
Focus Day (special session) Launch Day
Vision Building Day 1 (special session) Future-Focus Day
Vision Building Day 2 (special session) Short-Term Focus Day
The 5-5-5 Goals, Roles and Core Values
Delegate & Elevate Empower through Choice
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