Org Chart Permissions

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In Bloom Growth, managing organizational structure is made easy through the Org Chart feature. However, it's crucial to understand the permissions associated with it to ensure efficient collaboration and data integrity. 
Permissions Overview:
  • The Org Chart permissions are primarily controlled by administrators and selected supervisors within the organization.
  • Only administrators in the organization have the authority to add boxes, make changes, and remove both boxes and users from the Org Chart, admins have full control over the Org Chart, enabling them to make edits and adjustments as needed.
  • Supervisors can be permitted to edit the Org Chart, allowing them to make changes and manage its structure. Those supervisors that are added to the Org Chart permission can manage and edit the entire organizational Chart. 
To access the Org Chart permissions, please follow the steps below: 
  1. Click the drop-down by your name/icon
  2. Click Manage Organization
  3. Click the Advanced tab at the top
  4. Scroll down to the Settings area
  5. Click the Edit Org Chart: Permission drop-down
  6. Adjust the permissions as needed
  • Use the text entry box to input a user's name
  • Always choose a user and not the team from the drop-down options


  • The permissions are designed by default, if you hit the trash can icon next to the members they won't have access to view the AC. 
  • The view gives viewing access only to the Org Chart. 
  • View + Edit gives full access to make changes to the Org Chart.
  • Only Admins in the organization can add boxes, make changes, and/or remove boxes and users. 
  • Only Supervisors can be added to the Org Permissions since they can access the Manage Organization section. Please see Account Permissions.
  • The Supervisor(s) added to the Org Chart permissions can manage/edit the entire AC. 
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