Account Permissions


You can change user account permissions within Bloom Growth as needed. There is no limit to how many administrators you can have on your account; however, best practice would suggest you only have a few people listed as administrators.

  • Admin status -gold crown 
  • Supervisor status -blue crown
  • Base user -blue silhouette icon
  • Placeholder user - white silhouette or crown icon
  • People Tools only user - purple silhouette icon

Only administrators can give another user account admin permissions. Follow the steps below to assign admin permissions:

  1. Click the drop-down by your name/icon
  2. Click Manage Organization
  3. Click the current permissions status icon (crown or silhouette) all the way to the left of a user's name.
  4. Check the box that says Is an admin
  5. Click Save

Important Information

The user's status icon will turn into a gold crown. Refresh the page if it does not update automatically.

To give a user  Supervisor permissions, add a box under them on the Org Chart to indicate they have a direct report. You can leave this box blank. 

If you do not want to add blank items to the Org Chart, submit a ticket to the Client Success team, we would be happy to give a user Supervisor permissions without the need for changes to the Org Chart. 

Note: Any person with direct reports on the Org Chart, will automatically be made a supervisor.


  • Have full access to Bloom Growth and can make changes to all meetings and settings.
  • Add/remove users.
  • Send invites.
  • Add items to all the users in the organization. 


  • Can create meetings (but cannot invite brand new users)
  • View the 'Manage Organization' page (but only see the Members tab)
  • Can only see the meetings they are listed as an attendee of
  • Cannot add or delete users
  • Can add items to themselves and their direct reports. 

  Base Users: 

  • Can only see the meetings they are listed as an attendee of
  • Do not have access to the Manage Organization section at all
  • Cannot make changes to the Org Chart, can ONLY VIEW.

 Note: If you would like some assistance customizing your permissions, please submit a ticket to the Client Success team. 

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