Metrics - Sharing Measurables

You may want to have the same measurable in multiple meetings. Sharing the measurable will update it in real-time in more than one meeting.

Sharing Through the Meetings Area:

  1. Click Meetings in the menu bar
  2. Click on the Edit Meeting (gear icon) to the right of your meeting
  3. Click Metrics on the left
  4. Click the blue +
  5. Click Create new OR SELECT EXISTING (top of the window)
  6. Type in the title of the measurable or the owner's name to begin searching
  7. Click on the measurable in the drop-down to confirm your choice
  8. Click Save to complete the addition

Sharing Through the Advanced Settings:

This method is helpful if moving a lot of measurables over at once.

  1. Click Meetings in the menu bar
  2. Click on the gear icon (Edit Meeting) button to the right of your meeting
  3. Click Advanced Settings (bottom left)
  4. Click on Metrics (on the word)
  5. Move measurables from the left column to the right column to move them into the meeting
  6. Click Save at the bottom

Tip: The double arrow will move all metrics. The single arrow will only move the measurables you have highlighted (Ctrl + Click to select a few goals; Shift + Click to highlight a block). 

Tip: Use the filter to search for a measurable title or the owner's name. 

The measurables on the left are not part of your Weekly Meeting. The measurable on the right are currently in your Weekly Meeting. You can also move measurables out of the meeting by moving them from the right column to the left column. 

Sharing Through the Workspace

  1. Click the title of a measurable inside of a Metrics Tile
  2. At the bottom of the popup window, in the Attached to Meetings: area, type the name of the meeting you want to share the measurable into
  3. Choose from the list and click Save
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