Metrics - Adding/Removing a Divider


If you have Measurables that you'd like to set apart in logical groups, you can set up Metrics dividers.

Dividers can only be managed in a 'Preview Meeting' or in a live meeting.

Add a Divider:

  1. Click Meetings in the menu bar
  2. Click on Go to Meeting to Start the Meeting
  3. Click Preview Meeting (or start your meeting as leader)
  4. Click Metrics in the Weekly meeting agenda on the left
  5. Click the Add Divider option located at the top bar. 
  6. Your divider will appear at the top of your Metrics
  7. Click & hold, then drag/drop the divider bar 
  8. Repeat if necessary. Multiple divider bars can be grouped together to form larger divider bars.

Once the divider is created, it can be moved and deleted during a Preview Meeting or in your live Weekly meeting only.  

To remove the divider, click the 'x' that appears on the far left edge when hovering over the far left side of the divider.

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