How to View Metrics Chart

You can view a graph of your Metric card data in a Weekly Meeting

  1. Click Meetings in the top menu bar
  2. Click on Go to Meeting to Start a Meeting.
  3. Click Preview Meeting (the chart can be viewing during a live meeting as well)
  4. Click Metrics in the Agenda on the left
  5. Click the small gray graph icon (to the right of your goal) 
  6. Your Metrics Chart for the selected measurable will populate below your Metrics Tile at the bottom
  7. The graph icons will turn into different colors to indicate it has been selected
  8. Click the colored icon again to deselect your metrics

You are able to select several measurable to be displayed on the graph. Be aware that if you select measurables with drastically different number sizes, the graph may not display data in a legible way. You cannot export this graph.

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