How the To-do % Completion is Calculated

The To-do % completion is calculated based on all To-do's created and completed before the next meeting (due date does not matter). This is why it's best to create all to-dos during your meeting. If you need to create a couple of to-do's during the week, try to have them completed before the next meeting if possible. This ensures your to-do % completion is not negatively impacted.

For example, if I create a to-do for myself right now and my meeting is tomorrow morning, my to-do % completion WILL be affected negatively because I did not get my to-do done before my meeting (even though the due date would show the usual 7 days out).

All to-do's need to be done before your next weekly meeting (regardless of due date).

You can use your Personal To-do list to capture items that will take longer to complete. You can then move the to-do from your Personal To-do list to your Weekly Meeting To-do list if you need to follow up or share with the team.  Please see this article for details: Change a Personal To-do to a Meeting To-do or Vice Versa.

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