Change a To-do due date


At this time, the default due date for to-do's within Bloom Growth is always set to one week in the future. This is designed to create and commit to to-do's that are actionable within that time frame.

However, if you need to change a due date for a to-do you can use the calendar drop-down menu at the bottom of the to-do creation window.

Once the To-do is created, you can update the due date from your Workspace in the to-do tile by typing in a new date or using the calendar drop-down arrow to the right of the current due date that is set and choosing a new date.  

You can also update the due date during your meeting. In the To-do agenda section, click on a to-do, and in the notes panel on the right-hand side, at the very bottom, you will see the due date. Click the date to select a new date from the calendar. 

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