Printing the Org Chart


  • The Org Chart is a live document. All the changes will be automatically saved. Please back up your information by Generating a Printout before you make any changes.
  • Only Admins in the organization can add boxes, make changes, and/or remove boxes and users. 

Printing the full Org Chart

Print Visible: 

The "Print Visible" option allows you to generate and save a PDF file directly from the Org Chart. 

Export PDF:

  1. Click Org Chart in the top menu bar (or People if the People Tools are enabled, followed by clicking Org Chart).
  2. Click Export PDF in the menu bar.
  3. Choose your options.
  4. Click OK to view a PDF of your Org Chart.

Compact Chart: Will move multiple boxes from being in a horizontal row to being stacked vertically in order to save space. 

Department per Page: Exports each department on separate pages. This is a convenient option to print each department and the direct reports onto its own page. 

Full Chart: Includes entire Org Chart.

Just selected and below: Includes only the part that is currently expanded on your screen. 

Print a Specific Department

  1. Click Org Chart in the menu bar (or People if the People Tools are enabled, followed by clicking Org Chart).
  2. Use the Set Visibility Depth button at the top to alter how much of the chart you see or use the up and down carrot icons which appear at the bottom of a box when hovering over it to expand or collapse direct reports.
  3. Hover over the box you would like to print (no need to expand it, you can leave it collapsed and gray).
  4. Click the printer icon below the box.
  5. Leave All Children selected to include all direct reports.
  6. If you have many branches under the department you are printing, select Department per page.
  7. Click Save and save/print the PDF.
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