New Meeting Experience - How to create a Goal

  1. Click on the Meeting list, located in the left-side navigation bar.
  2. Choose the meeting where the goal will be added.
  3. Click on Goals from the left side menu.  Important: You do not need to start the meeting to add a goal.
  4. Click on the "+" button next to Goals, located near the middle on the left side. You can also click on "Show me where to add goals" for guidance.
  5. Enter the due date for the goal. Note: The system will default to the end of the quarter. If your quarter started in the middle of the quarter, you will need to manually adjust the 90 days.
  6. Provide a title for the goal and select the owner from the "Attach to Owner" dropdown.
  7. Select the meeting(s) where the goal will be attached.
  8. Enter any necessary details for the goal, if needed. 
  9. Add Milestones (if needed) to track progress.
  10. You have the option to select "Create another goal" if you'd like the pop-up window to automatically open when you click "Save." This allows you to create a new goal immediately after saving the current one. Alternatively, you can simply click "Save" to save the current goal.

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