Running a Quarterly Meeting in Bloom Growth

Quarterly meetings are pivotal moments where teams evaluate the past quarter's performance and set new goals for the upcoming one. Let's walk through how to make the most of your Quarterly Meetings using Bloom Growth.

Important: In Bloom Growth, participants don't need to create a new meeting for the special Quarterly Session. They can run the session by simply clicking "Run special session" and selecting "Start quarterly planning."

1. Setting the Stage:

Start your special Quarterly Meeting by clearly outlining the objectives for the day. This can include a brief presentation or explanation of what the day holds.

2. Check-In:

Encourage participants to share both professional and personal highlights from the last 90 days. This fosters camaraderie and sets a positive tone for the meeting.

3. Review the Previous Quarter:

Use this time to celebrate wins from the last quarter. Recognizing achievements boosts morale and motivates teams.

4. Issues List Review:

Discuss the Issues List to identify challenges or inefficiencies in departments or the organization. This is an opportunity for open dialogue and problem-solving.

5. Establishing Quarterly Goals:

Work collaboratively to set goals for the upcoming quarter. Identify projects or initiatives that will contribute to the growth of departments or the entire organization.

7. Post-Meeting Evaluation:

After concluding the special Quarterly Meeting, participants can provide feedback and evaluate the session. This valuable input helps in refining future meetings.

8. Transition to Regular Agenda:

Bloom Growth simplifies the transition from special sessions to regular agendas. The software automatically converts the Quarterly Meeting agenda into the standard format.

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