The Tangent alert button

The Tangent Alert Button is a powerful tool designed to streamline meetings and keep teams engaged. It is a proactive feature that comes enabled by default in all meetings. Its visibility is triggered the moment the meeting commences, providing leaders with a valuable tool to steer discussions in the right direction.

Maintaining Meeting Focus

One of the primary challenges during meetings is the tendency for discussions to veer off course into unrelated topics or tangents. These diversions can consume valuable meeting time and hinder productivity. To counteract this, the Tangent Alert Button is strategically placed within the meeting interface to enable immediate action.

Anonymously Nudging Discussions

Leaders and participants alike have the opportunity to uphold the meeting agenda by utilizing the Tangent Alert Button. When a tangent begins to derail the discussion, anyone in the meeting can discreetly tap the Tangent Alert Button. This action instantly raises awareness, acting as a gentle reminder to refocus the conversation on the agenda and objectives at hand.

Maintaining Anonymity and Encouraging Participation

A significant advantage of the Tangent Alert Button is its anonymous nature. When the button is pressed, an alert is triggered for all participants. However, the identity of the individual who initiated the alert remains undisclosed. This anonymity encourages active participation from all team members, ensuring that concerns about potential repercussions for identifying tangents are alleviated.

Real-time Tangent Awareness

Upon pressing the Tangent Alert Button, all attendees using their computers will be instantly notified, both visually and audibly. This real-time awareness empowers the meeting leader to redirect the discussion back to the meeting's primary agenda.

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