Using the Same Email For Multiple Accounts

You can be linked to multiple Bloom Growth accounts in two ways.

1. Use different emails/passwords for different accounts.


2. Use one email and password combination for multiple accounts. 

If your email is already registered on one Bloom Growth account, and you are sent an invite to another account, and after clicking the registration link in the email invite, just enter your email address and the current password and click the "Link Accounts" option.

Navigate between accounts

  1. Click the drop-down menu at the top right of the workspace by your name/icon.
  2. Click Change Organization.
  3. Click on the organization name you wish to see.

When one email is linked to multiple accounts, there are a few points to consider in the workspace. Any tile added to the workspace from the personal menu will change and reflect the data from the account that you are logged into. Any tile added from a meeting will always reflect the data from that meeting, regardless of the account, you are currently logged into.

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