How to Run a Remote Meeting

Bloom Growth is uniquely equipped to host meetings for remote teams and you don’t have to do anything different to your meeting to start running meetings from separate locations. 

To Run a remote meeting:

1. Attendees can meet at any audio/video outlet of their choosing; it has no bearing on the functionality of Bloom Growth.

2. Attendees of the meeting log in to their own Bloom Growth account and click on the Go to Meeting option on the Meeting page.

  • Important: Be sure you’re using Google Chrome.

3. One member will click ‘Start Meeting as Leader’, prompting the meeting to begin.

  • The meeting is attended using the web browser, there is no need to screen share.

4. As the leader moves through the meeting, the attendees will automatically follow along in their own browser window.

  • Attendees can make notes, create issues, and create to-dos independently while in the meeting, allowing each member to actively participate.
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