Tax Exemption

To comply with the various U.S. state and local sales tax law requirements, Bloom Growth collects the necessary sales taxes. The amount and type of tax collected depend on your location and the particular rules of the state and local jurisdiction.

If you have a state certificate of tax exemption,  please submit a request.

When submitting a tax exemption certificate, please take note of the following:

  • Are you submitting the right form?
    You should submit a certificate for the state that corresponds to the billing address on your Bloom Growth account profile or the associated payment method. An exemption certificate, a resale certificate, or a direct-pay permit will be acceptable. (Documents such as business licenses, permits, or registrations, or federal documents such as Forms W-9 or 501(c)(3) determination letters, are not considered acceptable documentation for sales-tax exemption purposes.)
  • Does the entity name on the certificate match the name on your account? Please verify that the entity name on the certificate matches the name on your Bloom Growth account.
  • Is your certificate complete? Ensure that all required boxes are checked and all required fields are properly filled in. In addition, ensure that the certificate is signed and dated (if applicable).
    Please note that incomplete or incorrect forms can prolong the time it takes to process your exemption request.

Note: If you have questions about tax treatment specific to your situation, please consult with your tax advisor.

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