Restoring an Archived Issue, To-do, Goal or Headline

IMPORTANT: During a meeting, to unarchive a recently resolved issue, press  CTRL + Z on a Windows computer or CMD + Z on a Mac. This will not work if you navigate away from the Issues section and return. However, you can still use the above shortcut for any newly resolved issues.

To restore an archived issue, to-do, headline, or goal, you can restore it from the Meeting Archive.

Restoring from Meeting Archive:

  1. Click Meetings in the menu bar.
  2. Click Edit Meeting on the gear icon button to the right of your meeting
  3. Click Meeting Archive.
  4. Use the options along the top to select issues, to-do's, headlines, or goals.
  5. Choose a date range with the calendar icon in the top right corner. This is how you will search for older items.
  6. Select the date range using the left calendar as a starting date and the right calendar as an ending date. Click Apply (Or use one of the presets available).
  7. To bring the item back to your meeting, simply un-check the checkmark to the left of the to-do; for the other items, simply click the "x" button to un-archive
  8. Restored items will populate again in the meeting.
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