People Tools

The People Tools feature within Bloom Growth, allows supervisors to conduct quarterly 1:1 with their direct reports, fostering a culture of mutual feedback. A key component of this feature is the Org Chart, which must be created before initiating a quarterly 1:1. 

With the creation of the Quarterly 1:1 the system smoothly retrieves essential details such as direct reports, core values, roles, and goals. Once both the supervisor and direct report complete the Quarterly 1:1, the system further populates the Right Person Right Seat (RPRS) information. For a more comprehensive guide, refer to the instructional video below:

Important People Tools information:

  • Establishing the Org Chart is essential for initiating Quarterly 1:1 sessions. This involves supervisors knowing who their direct reports are, and vice versa.
  • When a supervisor creates a new Quarterly 1:1 the system will automatically populate the direct reports, their goals, and the roles based on the information shown in the Org Chart.
  • To create a Quarterly 1:1 you need to click People. Click Quarterly 1:1 and Hit Create New.
  • In the Quarterly 1:1, you can evaluate yourself and your direct reports and vice versa.
  • The RPRS (Right Person/Right Seat) will be automatically populated for you based on the results from the Quarterly 1:1 (UEC and Core Values).
  • The People Tools feature is free and there are currently no plans to charge for the People Tools. Please reach out to our Client Support Team for assistance with activating this feature on your account.
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